Satechi USB-C to VGA Adaptor (Space Grey)

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  • USB Type-C connection to VGA
  • 1080p resolution support
  • Plug & Play, connect without complicated installation
  • Portable size (20 cm), flexible cable 
  • Stylish sleek design with brushed aluminium finish connectors


Use your VGA enabled display with your new USB-C device. Stay up to date with the newest version of USB, USB-C. Small, reversible connection with higher speeds, and higher rates of transfer.

All that's needed is a VGA cable and a Type-C device can be displayed and shared on a VGA display.Simply plug the Type-C to VGA adapter in the USB-C port on the device, and a VGA cable to connect the adapter to the VGA-compatible display.

The stylish construction and brushed aluminium finish connectors perfectly complement your Apple computers and accessories. Its portable size (20 cm), allows you to easily fit it in a bag or purse for on-the-go.

Satechi Type-C to 4K VGA Adapter is made with quality design and built to ensure consistent connection.

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