Panasonic Full HD Movie Camera

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Furnished with powerful and impressive zoom functions, the Panasonic HC-V385 Camcorder lets you shoot your subjects clearly from far away. With the five-axis Hybrid O.I.S. image stabilisation function, this Camcorder suppresses blurring caused by unwanted shake. This lets you capture precise, sharp images in every situation.

Key Features

  • 90x Intelligent/50x Optical Zoom: Effortlessly capture faraway subjects thanks to 90x Intelligent Zoom. You can opt for the 50x Optical Zoom as well to add more dynamics.
  • Crisp Footage: With the five-axis correction function, the Panasonic HC-V385 Camcorder suppresses blurring caused by handheld-shake. This lets you capture precise, sharp images in every situation. The Level Shot function intelligently identifies and improves the tilting of images.
  • Wide-Angle Capability: Get group shots with ease thanks to the 28mm Wide-Angle feature.
  • Better Footage: Using Wi-Fi, You can link to up to three smartphones and simultaneously record up to two of them as sub-windows. This feature is helpful when you want to shoot from a range of angles and perspectives.

From the Manufacturer

HD Camcorder HC-V385GN Black
Dynamic, Stable, 90x Zooming
The high-power zoom in this compact camcorder lets you clearly catch your children playing far away. And 5-Axis Hand-Shake Detection suppresses blurring, even when zooming, to give you stunning images every time.
A Full-HD Camcorder with Wireless Multi Camera, Intelligent 90x Zoom and Level Shot Function

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