Panasonic 2.1ch Soundbar with Wifi, Chromecast and Wireless Sub

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Key Features

Clear and Dynamic Sound for a Rich Cinema Experience
The HTB510 is a 2.1-Channel High-Quality Sound System with wireless subwoofer which optimises cinematic sound. It features 240W output for more powerful bass, and the newly equipped Chromecast allows you to stream music and enjoy not only movies but also a wide range of other entertainment.

Turn your living room into a cinema
The 2.1ch soundbar features two independent speakers and a powerful wireless subwoofer. Both units combined will fill your living room with stunningly clear, rich and rounded sound being far more dynamic and immersive than usual TV speakers can deliver.

High-quality speakers for clear & dynamic sound
The speaker system has been finely tuned for improved frequency characteristics in the low and mid-to-high range. This enables the high quality speakers to produce a clear and dynamic sound. Furthermore, enhanced amplification power results in more powerful bass and a better soundstage. This allows for clearer vocals, so you can focus on the movie and enjoy a more realistic experience.

Lots of bass with unwired flexibility
The HTB510 uses a wireless subwoofer that requires no bothersome connection cords. It gives you dynamic, robust bass from any place in the room.

An elegant match for your TV
Designed compact with a low profile and a sleek form, the HTB510 is a perfect match for your TV. Dark metallic finishes and black textile speaker fabric make for a refined and seamless design that blends in with your home entertainment system.

Connect more with Chromecast
The HTB510 with Chromecast built­in lets you easily stream your favourite streaming music services, radio, or podcasts from a smartphone. Since Chromecast streaming supports high­res sound sources, you get outstanding sound quality. Using Multiroom sync, you can group compatible devices to play the same song across several speakers.

Stream your favourite music wirelessly
The HTB510 can play audio files from your smartphone, tablet, or other devices through Bluetooth connection. You can easily enjoy your favourite music by installing the Panasonic Music Streaming App, which lets you create playlists or drag­and­drop to change the order of songs playing.

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