Mad Catz R.A.T. 4+

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The R.A.T range is built for endurance, using materials and components specified to meet the demands.

The R.A.T. 4+ is constructed around a super lightweight chassis, ensuring the sensor position is perfectly balanced for tracking on your gaming surface. It also provides the rigid foundation for the rest of the control modules.

R.A.T. 4+ also comes fitted with industry leading OMRON switches (a life of 20 million clicks), ensuring that those with the fastest clicking fingers won’t miss an action!

The RATs are precision engineered, making key parts of the product adjustable, to enhance and improve your playing style. R.A.T. 4+ has an adjustable palm rest. So, whether your grip is palm, claw or finger-tip, R.A.T. 4+ can quickly adapt by adjusting in length to suit you.

Armed with the respected tournament favourite Pixart PMW 3330 optical sensor, the R.A.T. 4+ is capable of withstanding high movement speeds of up to 150 inches per second and 30G of acceleration. This is crucial for ensuring that all snap-shot reflexes and fast-tracking movements are lag-free.

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