• $369.99 Inc. GST
  • S Digital Bedside clock Radio White

    • Q6-W

    Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio with USB charging station, extra soft diffused Blue LED clock display, Bluetooth A2DP wireless playback, USB universal charging port on top panel, display dimmer/disabler for night time comfort, dual speaker system for stereo audio, PLL FM stereo radio tuner with station memory presets.

    $69.99 Inc. GST
  • S Digital Bluetooth Clock Radio

    • Q7-B

    Frosted Cabinet with Aluminium Trim Panels, Extra Soft Blue Backlighted LED Clock Display, Dimmer Function, Dual High Bass Suspension-Cone Speaker System, Bluetooth Wireless Receiver Built-in for Audio Streaming (A2DP), PLL FM Stereo Radio Tuner with Station Memory Presets, Digital Alarm Clock – Wake to Radio & Snooze, 2 x USB Ports for Universal Charging of Mobile Phones and other devices

    $79.99 Inc. GST
  • S Digital Earshot Smart Wireless Speaker

    • SP1601X1-LIME

    Real-time high def remastering by Bongiovi, APP controlled, Handsfree microphone for speakerphone use, 6-hour lithium rechargeable battery, Micro USB port for charging, Subwoofer, Audio output jack, Integrated audio input cable

    $89.99 Inc. GST

    • 60017

    Built in Dual Passive Subwoofers and independent Digital Bass and Treble controls allow you to customise the sound for every audio source: BT, AUX, USB-MP3 and SD-MP3, Comes with a rechargeable 6hr Lithium battery (2000mAh), Includes Carry Handle & Shoulder Strap, Wireless Audio, Compatible with USB & SD memory for MP3 music, AUX input jack to connect any device with an earphone jack, FM Radio

    $149.00 Inc. GST